This spring, the Jewish Museum of Belgium is delighted to present an exhibition from the Center for Jewish-Moroccan Culture (CCJM) titled “Tanger. Ville mythique” (Mythical Tangier).

Through a vast array of archives and artworks from the collection of the Center for Judeo-Moroccan Culture, visitors are invited on a journey through time and space to discover this city with a thousand faces.

As a bridge between Africa and Europe, a western beacon in the Mediterranean, Tangier has always held a special place in the history of the Kingdom of Morocco. Its strategic location has made it a coveted area since antiquity by major empires and conquerors, with successive invasions shaping its customs and traditions. These influences are still evident in its craftsmanship, a cultural richness perceptible in both its costume art and local jewelry. The coexistence of different societies and religions – Muslims, Jews, and Europeans – makes it a cosmopolitan and unique space in Morocco, oriented towards Europe. Between land, sea, and ocean, the “Pearl of the North” offers inspiring landscapes that attract artists: painters, photographers, and filmmakers come to soak up its unique atmosphere. But Tangier is also active on the political and diplomatic stage, the scene of several major events in the history of North Africa over the centuries, as the exhibition’s journey portrays.